The Best Events Require The Best Apps

One of the best apps available on the market for VIPs on the lookout for exclusive or high-class events is called InList. What InList does is provide a service very similar to Uber. Though, there are some differences. While Uber is specifically aimed at helping people find rides more quickly and conveniently, InList doesn’t deal with travel specifically–unless its in conjunction with some high-profile event, of course!

Michael Capponi is the man primarily responsible for InList, and that’s another feather in the cap of this revolutionary app. Capponi has been in the business of event entertainment for a quarter of a century. He started in Miami, but InList’s reach isn’t limited to Florida, or even the United States. In Fact, InList offers those “in-the-know” access to venues and nightlife across the planet, in literally dozens of different cities that play hot-spot to some of the world’s most premiere entertainment.

It is important to remember that InList is a members-only service. This means that those without the app are without a substantial repository of event information, and must only rely on things so antiquated as word-of-mouth. InList changes everything; it brings convenience to VIPs, and allows them greater selection across the board.


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