InList And The Hottest Venues

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“This is a blessing from heaven. We need to be a Caribbean social destination,” says Yanick Martin, the chief of the state’s local tourism office, who possesses a craftsmanship display in downtown Jacmel.

michael capponi

The hottest venues in town are only hot so long. That’s why the term “hot” is used on them. Cooling off comes eventually, but when they’re hot, they are sizzling. Sometimes a venue or an event is so hot, that it only exists for a single evening. Venues don’t usually put things together that way, but every now and again a grand opening can become a grand closing. While future events at that place may not be worthwhile, people still talk about that one night when everything was off-the-hook for months. The thing is, it’s hard to get involved in such events for those VIPs who aren’t in the know.

Enter InList. InList is all about providing VIPs with the best venues and nightlife options from around the globe. Michael Capponi (Michael Capponi Local10), its leading creator, is committed to ensuring users of InList are truly “in-the-know” as much as is possible. The best reference to this truth comes from the unveiling event of the app, which hosted an event featuring over one thousand five hundred VIPs, special musical guest Sonic Butterfly, Iron Chef, Chef Morimoto, and high-profile individuals like Jamie Foxx.

InList is designed to give VIPs an “in” to the best events, and it continues to do this with exceptional fortitude.